New York Museums to Visit

Museums are a big part of the fun of visiting New York. If you’re in the area, you may want to get a dose of culture, art, and education by visiting one of the many famous museums around New York. If you visit a fancy one, be sure to get a black tie rental or gown to add some elegance to your look. Strut around town and peruse some of these favorites.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

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This amazing museum contains over 5,000 years’ worth of art in its wall. It has over 2 million objects for guests to browse and view. These include famous paintings, sculptures, and other contemporary works of art. It was opened in 1880 and is in Central Park, making it an icon to behold. Guests can even view an Egyptian temple and behold the wonders of the ages.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

This is one of the most interesting museums in New York. It features daring artwork and boasts a largely unique collection. There are surrealist works of art as well as abstract and expressionist works. The building was made in 1959, and since then it has hailed millions of visitors that enjoy its splendor and iconic Kandinsky collection.

American Museum of Natural History

This is perhaps one of the best-known museums in New York, along with the Met. It features an unprecedented number of artifacts and tells the story of the Earth from the Big Bang and the creation of the universe to modern times. It features striking sculptures, skeletons, artifacts, and other amazing relics from our time and thousands of years before.

If you want to spend a night on the town, there is no better place than New York’s museums. You can get an education and have fun at the same time. Enjoy the artwork and get a pizza to make it one of the best museum adventures ever.