Find the Perfect Highlighter for Your Skin Tone

The highlighter trend has the makeup world going insane with the tremendous glow they provide trendsetters across the world. It seems the options are endless, with thousands of shades and glittery options online and in stores. A makeup artist arnold md professional can take your look to the next level, but for now let’s find the highlighter that fits your skin tone perfectly.

Deep Tones

Darker skin complexions look absolutely vibrant with rich colors, especially bronze or rose gold glitters. When picking a highlighter, avoid colors with a frosty sheen or shine because they can make skin appear dull instead of vibrant. Try some daring oranges, burnt siennas, golds, and maroons to make your skin glow fiercely.

Medium or Olive Tones

Medium tones look great with highlighters that boast iridescent tones to give your skin a gentle glow. Golden and bronze highlighters also pair well and keep your skin from taking on a paler glow than you would like. There can be a precarious balance here, so you should try some shades and get to know your palettes.

Fair Tones

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If you’re one of the millions of people with lighter, pale skin then highlighters with an icy-silver, champagne, or pearlescent sheen will dazzle your skin tone. It adds just the right amount of shine to your complexion, unlike shades with dark undertones. You can shine like a fairy under the moon, brightening the room with a beauty that shines from within.

Your face will glow in radiant sunbeams and shine like never before when you pair these stunning highlighter colors with your glowing skin. Always remember to keep your face clean and apply moisturizer to skin before applying makeup so that your skin stays soft and healthy. This makes products look smoother and more natural when applied.