Emboldened by his re election that fall and the electoral

Despite the widespread praise, Smith’s declaration did nothing to stop McCarthy. Publicly, the Wisconsin Republican continued to ignore her. When pressed, he responded, “I don’t fight with women senators.” Privately, McCarthy mocked Smith and her supporters as “Snow White and the Six Dwarfs.” One of the men who signed Smith’s Declaration, he joked, had been caught “speaking through a petticoat.” Within weeks, the debate over the “Declaration of Conscience” was swept aside by the outbreak of the Korean War. With a new Cold War crisis abroad, McCarthy and McCarthyism grew steadily stronger at home. Emboldened by his re election that fall and the electoral success of his supporters, too, McCarthy finally had his revenge in 1951. He kicked Smith off the prized permanent investigations subcommittee he chaired, replacing her with a Republican rising star who shared his anti communist commitments: Richard M. Nixon, then a senator from California.

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